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20 Annoying Things Your Friends Wish You Never Share on Facebook

20 Annoying Things Your Friends Wish You Never Share on Facebook

We love to share on Facebook, but we get easily annoyed by those friends who overshare or share on Facebook such annoying things that we simply don’t want to see or read.

We also don’t like our friends publishing things in poor taste — or things which could get them fired.

As such, we here at PurpleSlate decided to start a list of..


20 things we wish our friends would never share on Facebook

1.  Inspirational quotes.

Are these quotes even accurate?  Quite frankly, I see so many inspirational quotes, that I try to think why this particular friend is sharing the particular quote at that moment.  Are they hurting?  Did they just learn a painful life lesson?  But maybe I’m thinking too much into it.  And for those who are old enough to remember Successories — those stores in the mall that sold posters and bric-a-brac with inspirational quotes — we are tired of seeing quotes meant to inspire us.  Here’s a quote for those who like to share quotes:

Be a better person, who doesn’t feel the need to share quotes on Facebook.

2.  Sonograms of your soon-to-be-born child. 

Seriously?  Is this even legal?  I recall the first time seeing these on Facebook about 5 years ago and I thought it was just in poor taste.  Now, it’s all the rage.  While I think it’s great you want to share your pregnancy joys with your friends (or the world), it invites too many questions.  I wonder if this practice skirts HIPAA laws, as the person is publishing sensitive personal healthcare information online.  Should I share on Facebook the results of all of my medical exams?

3.  (Constant, never-ending) photos of your children. 

Now that your baby has been born and is now growing up, let’s discuss another bad “share on Facebook” practice:  oversharing photos of your children.  I know you love being a parent A LOT, but it annoys and confuses us when all we see are photos of your children.  I even have friends who have as their thumbnail image, a photo of their child instead of them.  I guess Facebook doesn’t mind.  Though I wonder when these children grow to become teens, what they will think of their parents who kept posting photos of them as babies and children.

4.  Profanity. 

I understand your need to share on Facebook as you would converse in real life, but using profanity publicly is just a bad idea.  It doesn’t matter if your privacy settings are set to the strictest level possible.  People could snap screenshots or copy and paste your post and share it elsewhere.  Are you friends with your boss or coworkers on Facebook?  Are you between jobs?  Profanity on Facebook doesn’t look good for job seekers.  Do yourself and your career a favor, and never share profanity on Facebook.

5.  Political opinions. 

Sharing opinion pieces — written by you or by someone else — that criticize a politician’s or elected official’s stance on sensitive issues is also dangerous ground.  I understand that everyone has First Amendment rights, but your extremely passionate views should be kept off of Facebook.  If you published a piece on a blog or website, kindly and simply post the link without additional comments.

6.  Selfies.

I never quite understood the need to take multiple — sometimes daily — photos of oneself in front of the bathroom mirror and then share on Facebook.  Are you trying to tell us anything other than, ‘Gosh, I’m beautiful?’  I also don’t understand the reaction I’m supposed to give these friends who constantly post selfies.  ‘Yes, you are beautiful!  Wow!’

7.  Sexy selfies. 

A subset of the selfie is the sexy selfie, in which a friend is constantly posting photos in, um, alluring poses wearing as little clothing as possible.  These are of course within the guidelines of Facebook, but these leave me with another question, ‘What does your mother think about these sexy selfies when you share them on Facebook?’

8.  Quizzes. 

These have largely disappeared, but here and there we still see friends posting the result of quizzes like, ‘Which Golden Girl are you?’ or ‘What is your drag queen name?’  These were fun at first but then they became too much.

9.  Short, vague language. 

We all have friends who post updates along the lines of, ‘Wow,’ ‘That was a waste,’ or ‘You’re welcome.’  Clearly, these are published in efforts to elicit the response, ‘What happened?’  Some friends publish these frequently and they are very annoying.

10.  Long, extremely personal stories of what just happened. 

I have a problem with these, too.  I understand that you may have solved a personal problem or found yourself out of a crisis, but Facebook is not the place to provide all of the painstaking details.  I’m sure the people who do this are attempting to elicit a response from their friends along the lines of, ‘I’m so sorry you had to go through that!’ but the fact that it’s shared with hundreds of people widely removes any effort to seek true sensitivity or empathy. Please do not share on Facebook. Instead keep it personal.

11.  ‘Funny’ videos. 

These have gotten out of control.  Since Facebook’s change this year to start playing videos in-stream, we have all found ourselves spending more time on Facebook watching these videos marked as ‘funny.’  Well not all of them are funny — in fact, most are just time-wasters (which by extension, is what Facebook often proves itself to be).

12. Your love for your new boyfriend or girlfriend. 

Yes, we know how much you are in love, but spare us, please?  Some of us are still single. Please do not share on Facebook your endless love stories.

13. Please pray for my (or someone else’s) sick parent/grandparent/family member. 

Like #10, these just come off as plastic and silly.  If you really wanted to let your circle of friends know about the important health status of a loved one, please send personal emails or better yet, call. Why share on Facebook and tell the world about it?

14.  How much you hate your boss, coworkers, clients, or place of employment. 

These also have no place and you should never share on Facebook.  At times we have all felt frustrated, ignored, overworked, underpaid, and underchallenged at work, but Facebook is not a place to air your grievances or complaints — even if you do not specifically name your employer.  A corollary of this is when we mock something that happened at work — this is equally a no-no.  Plus, aren’t we all friends with coworkers, past and present, on Facebook?  More than likely, any negativity will get back to you. So, follow a rule to NEVER share on Facebook for your own good. Here is something I wrote on Social Networking checks by employers that you may enjoy reading if you like to share on Facebook.

15.  Requests for donations or sponsorships. 

Lately I’ve been getting requests for donations from people who I’m friends with on Facebook, but who I haven’t spoken to in several years.  Then suddenly, BAM! ‘Please contribute to my fundraiser?’  I think this is in poor taste.  I understand that the fundraising platform most likely has a simple, easy ‘Share on Facebook’ button, but please think twice before hitting Send.

16.  ‘Hey, I lost my phone, please send me your contact info again!’ 

These are cute, but annoying.  Please store your address book in the cloud so that you don’t have to keep sending us these requests.

17.  Photos/videos of your dog/cat/parrakeet.

These are just as egregious as #3 above, especially since a lot of people treat their pets even better than they treat their own children.

18.  Your entire travel schedule. 

It’s fun to see where friends are traveling to, especially when they publish photos of exotic, far-off places.  But your painstaking detail of your entire travel schedule is a bit obsessive.  Why share on Facebook? Plus, is someone house-sitting while you’re away?

19.  Religion.

Like #5, too-frequent expressions of religious beliefs can alienate many of your friends, no matter how fervent you are.  Amen.

20.  ‘How you had your dream wedding?’

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Tell us what you like to share on Facebook and what you wish your friends would never share on Facebook?

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Posted by Jake Wengroff on September 17, 2015.

Jake WengroffI have served as the Founding Chairman of the Social Media Strategies Summit, and have written for publications such as and InformationWeek. I have been quoted in Time, Reuters, Bloomberg, and other publications on the topics of social media and marketing. If you enjoyed reading this post, join our email list to get free email updates.

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