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4 Old-Fashioned Themes For A Party At Home

4 Old-Fashioned Themes For A Party At Home

Hosting a party too often boils down to a single attraction: food. That’s not to suggest people don’t get together for other reasons as well, but more often than not we rely on food, alcohol, and conversation to drive us through an entire event. Most of the time this works just fine, but as anyone who’s into hosting or simply used to gathering with friends knows, it’s also a lot of fun to do something, or to have a specific activity planned.

It just so happens that some of the best ideas would fall under the “old-fashioned” heading. In a way though, that only makes them more interesting to try out. At any rate, if you’re looking for a theme or activity for your next hosting event, you may want to think over some of these!

1.) A Film Premiere

Unless you have access to a screener, you probably can’t actually show a newly released movie at a party at your home. However, there are always options these days. You can opt for something that’s newly streamable for instance, or just put out feelers and choose a film no one in the party will have seen yet. Once that’s done, there are plenty of affordable projectors that can turn this into more than just a gathering of friends around a TV screen. You can set up something that approximates a cinematic setup, either in the living room or, if you have the space for it and a blank wall or canvas of some kind, even out in the yard. And from there, you just need to make the event feel special, exclusive, and comfortable! Comfy seating, buttered popcorn, assorted drinks and snacks, and possibly a second film on deck in case you all want to keep right on watching can all contribute to a lovely “premiere” night. As a final touch, if you really want to play up the idea, you can set up a red carpet down the middle of the arranged seating, and ask your guests to come dressed like they’re attending an actual premiere.

2.) An Old-Timey Speakeasy

Strictly speaking, a speakeasy refers to a bar that is selling alcohol illegally, as in the prohibition era. So really, the label in this context is pointless. However, there’s a certain vibe associated with a speakeasy that you can attempt to replicate: prohibition era attire, bottles of liquor attractively on display, a couple of beer taps, and possibly even a bartender with a twirled mustache and a rag over one shoulder if you can find one for hire or want to play the role yourself. This is all somewhat silly, but by transforming part of your house into an old-timey bar you can actually change the atmosphere for the whole night and find that a relatively ordinary gathering becomes more fun and more memorable.

3.) A Casino Night

Typically when people look into hosting a casino night, it ultimately winds up being a few hands of poker around a table. That’s not a bad way to spend an evening if you and your friends happen to love this particular game, but these days you can go a lot further with a casino night. You can rent or buy roulette wheels, set up your own craps tables, and even use any handy computers or tablets to set up a row of slots as well. Described as being available in dizzying variety, online slots have become a lot more accessible, such that you can pick a few of them and set them up to be playable by guests throughout the evening alongside the card tables and such. Now, this can all be somewhat tacky if done lazily, but there’s one fairly simply solution: buy up some velvet-like fabric in one or two colors you’d like to use for the night, and use it to set up tables, disguise computers or tablets so that only screens
show, and even line a bar counter. This makes the whole thing look a little more professional and helps get guests in the mood for a fun casino night.

4.) A Board Game Night

The idea of a “game night” isn’t exactly new, but it can mean any number of things – from charades, to poker, to, yes, board games. This last category is actually getting more popular once again though, thanks in large part to millennials, who almost inexplicably love them. Part of this shift has probably been driven by some newer and more irreverent takes on friends-and-family board games, such as the Apples to Apples-like Cards Against Humanity, or the whodunnit alliance game Secret Hitler. But there’s also been something of a resurgence for older board games from Monopoly to Catan. Sometimes, it seems, simplicity is best. Having friends over with drinks and snacks and a stack of board game options can make for a great time.

Regardless of which theme you choose, it is always nice to spend time with your loved ones. Invite them to your party easily with text messaging and get instant responses using PurpleSlate.

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Posted by PurpleSlate on January 15, 2019.

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