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Bachelorette Party Games for the lucky bride to be

Bachelorette Party Games for the lucky bride to be

Weddings are a special time when friends, family and all loved ones come together to celebrate love and create quality memories which last a lifetime.

And at the center of all this madness, fun and frolic is always a beautiful lucky bride. So, if your friend, sister or cousin is tying the knot soon and the honor of hosting a bachelorette party for the bride has been bestowed upon you, then we have some great bachelorette party games which will make the party memorable.

Read on ladies…


1. What happens at the party, stays at the party ;-)


Haven’t we all heard the notorious saying, ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’?

Some bachelorette party games are more mysterious than others – it is the last night bride to be will be a single woman, vow to keep the fun antics at the party – Vegas Style. This game is inspired by the game Truth or Dare, however, she can only choose dare. Ask your guests to create a list of “dares” that the bride has to complete during the course of the night.

And don’t worry about the back and forth planning, use the PurpleSlate mobile app to easily invite your guests (exclude the bride to be:), and once you have invited them, send out a broadcast message to everyone to bring their “Task for the Night.”

When it’s time to play the game, simply read the tasks straight from your mobile phone. You can even make the game more exciting by telling the bride to guess who has given her the task. If she guesses it right then everyone else has to take a drink of their beverage and if it’s a wrong guess then the bride to be must take a drink. Just remember to tell your guests to make the tasks as fun as they can.


2. Guess the EX (the best of all bachelorette party games!)


This is our favorite of all bachelorette party games. Divide the guests into two groups and have them play charades with a slight twist. Instead of movies, the team members have to act out the bride’s school crushes, college flings, office romances and so on. The bride then has to guess the name of the ‘ex’ being enacted.


3. The Queen of Sheba wants


We all played a game of Queen of Sheba wherein one appointed Queen demands different items and the one to get it first is the winner of that round. But since our Queen at the party night is enjoying her last night as a single woman, why not add a little of fun to the game and get her playful gifts for her honeymoon. When she requests an item you bring her one of the surprise gifts with it.

You can simply use the ‘PurpleSlate’ free invitation maker app to discuss amongst the group who is bringing what item so that there are no overlaps. The easy to use broadcast feature makes planning your favorite bachelorette party games fun, quick and easy, keeping everyone in the loop. Remember the items have to be anonymous and the bride while opening each item has to guess who brought it.


If you are looking for decorations, along with bachelorette party games, we love using Pinterest for inspiration and Party City for supplies.


Life is better when we get together, PurpleSlate makes it easy.



Posted by Christina Belmont on August 17, 2015.

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