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Beach Party! Planning a Family-Friendly Bash

Beach Party! Planning a Family-Friendly Bash

It’s summer, and it’s time to hit the beach! From lakes to rivers, from the east coast to the west, playing, relaxing, and sitting on the beach are some of the most popular activities of summer. Whether it’s a 4th of July bash, a midsummer family reunion, or a child’s birthday party, you can create a family-friendly atmosphere as you hit the beach.


Beach Party Plans

Start your plans by finding a beach that fits your activities, use this handy beach finder, to discover the perfect place for your beach party. While swimming is the quintessential beach party endeavor, what else can you bring along to entertain kids and adults alike?


Bring lots of open-ended equipment such as beach balls, hula hoops, buckets, and skim boards. Bring shovels so that everyone can create sandcastles or dig out pools to sit in as the tide comes in. Buckets are also essential so that kids can gather sea creatures such as crabs: make sure that they return them to the beach when they’re finished looking at them. Bubbles are always a hit with children and with adults, and if you’re feeling ambitious you can create a giant wand to create enormous beach bubbles. When it’s a hot and sunny day, it’s always a good plan to bring along a tent to create a shelter, or you can bring sheets and ropes and let the kids create their own forts and tents along the shore.


Crafts for Your Beach Party

When people get tired of active games, you can also have some simple crafts available. You can hit the craft store for supplies and paint shells and make mermaids from a shell glued onto a piece of wood. Use an old water bottle and create a miniature ocean in a bottle with water, glitter, and sea creatures. Get crafty with what you find in your environment as well, balancing rocks and creating art with seashells and rocks. Remember to bring your own craft materials such as seashells whenever possible, so that you have a smaller impact on your local beach.


Food for Your Beach Party

After a day of running around, everyone’s always hungry at a beach party. Easy-to-carry snacks such as chips and popcorn are always a hit. Bring a snow cone machine and popsicles, and put popsicle sticks into the bottom of watermelon slices to make a healthy snack. Use piped icing to decorate arrowroot cookies to look like flip-flops. If you’re hosting a birthday party, create a cake that looks like a beach or a sandcastle.


What if You Don’t Live Near a Beach?

The lack of a beach doesn’t need to stop you from having a summer beach party. Of course, if you live inland you may not have the ocean, but you may have a local lake or river where you can get for a party. If you don’t, you can still have beach fun in your own backyard.


Dig for buried treasures in a sand pit or make sand castles. Enjoy a wading pool and tuck some sea creatures in for effect. Use a kids’ pool to make sea foam with water, bubbles, and food coloring.  Add sand and water and beach blanket forts, and the kids will love your backyard beach party.


When you’re trying to keep track of guests or send party photos to parents, enjoy the ease of a free invitation maker like PurpleSlate, allowing you to send and track invitations and follow up with family and friends to share your photos and video of your event.


Life is better when we get together, PurpleSlate makes it easy.



Posted by Christina Belmont on June 27, 2015.


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