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Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Day Special

Birthday Party Ideas to Make Your Day Special

Who doesn’t love a good Birthday Party? There are many birthday party ideas out there. Some people choose a tight niche for their theme, while others opt for a decade or an overall movie franchise theme. It can sometimes be a challenge coming up with unique birthday party ideas and then finding the right decorations and activities to accompany them – we did our research and here are some fun birthday party ideas for you and your guests.


A Comic Book Theme (my favorite birthday party idea)

Comic books are all the rage again thanks to Marvel’s success at the box office. Whether you want to stick to one specific comic book franchise or just have a free-for-all when it comes to costumes, this is definitely a great idea. You can even use the PurpleSlate free invitation maker to help create personalised invites that work to give a comic book theme.

If you want to get a little more focused, why not consider a superhero or villain theme. If you choose one or the other it will really make people think carefully about their costumes, meaning they’re more likely to enjoy the day because they’ve put more effort in.

For those who want a simple way of creating a costume, there are plenty of places to check online. Costume Craze is just one affordable option.


Take a Trip Under the Sea

Beach and sea themes are popular, especially during the summer months. This could be an excellent option for you, especially if you like popular sea movies like The Little Mermaid or Splash. Encourage your friends to dress up as fish, scuba divers and mermaids.

Decorating for Under the Sea themes is relatively easy. You just need blue walls, with a few coral elements added in. If you really want to get creative, add an underwater castle for your mermaid princess. This theme works even better when it comes to a swimming pool party.

When it comes to food, Pinterest has a range of ideas that you could replicate.


Opt for a Letter

Why not give your friends a chance to put their thinking caps on? A letter party is a great way to add variety to your theme. For example, choosing a ‘P’ theme, could see people dressing up as pirates, prisoners and even Potter. An ‘S’ theme could involve Superman, Sandman and sausage links. The costumes are endless.

If you want to help people choose their costume, direct them to Costume Box. This is full of ideas, which are even organised by the letter, making it much easier to find something suitable. The ideas can even be adapted to suit specific tastes and preferences.


Creating your invites will be easy with the help of our free invitation app, PurpleSlate. All you need to do is make the letter of the theme clear.


The list of birthday party ideas is endless. You can get as tightly focused or as wide as you want. Wider options certainly open the door for some great costumes, but could be harder for your birthday party invites and food choices. Whatever birthday party idea you choose, don’t forget to use the PurpleSlate to share lasting memories after the party as well by sharing videos and photos with your guests.


Life is better when we get together.

PurpleSlate makes it easy.


Posted by Christina Belmont on February 22, 2016.

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