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Birthday Party Ideas for Your One-Year-Old

Birthday Party Ideas for Your One-Year-Old

Your baby is one! It’s been a year full of challenges and joys, and now you have a one-year-old. Your child’s first birthday is a time for celebration, but how will you choose to mark the day? First birthdays are often celebrated with family and friends who’ve been present for you during that year, and many may have young children of their own. Make your child’s first birthday special: these birthday party ideas will help your little one’s day shine.


1. Keep It Simple

With a one-year-old, chances are that you’re a little bit tired. Invite your nearest and dearest, pick up basic supplies, and use PurpleSlate’s easy invitation maker. A simple party means that you’ll be fussing less over the details and enjoying your time with your friends.


2. Recruit Your Friends

Do you have a friend who is a wonderful photographer? One who is a genius at decorating? One who always has great birthday party ideas? See if your friends can pitch in to help out with little pieces of the party. You’ll feel less like you’re putting on a show and more like everyone’s involved.


3. A Morning Bash

While you may have been a night time party animal in your pre-child days, babies are at their best in the morning, and many older siblings still nap in the afternoon. Plan your party for the morning, and everyone will be on their best behavior. Consider serving a light breakfast or snacks instead of lunch, then send everyone home for a nap.


4. Simple Fun

While one-year-olds aren’t noted for their appreciation of good food and entertainment, older siblings and friends who attend will really enjoy some simple fun. Bring some party balloons, dancing music, and simple outdoor toys like a water table or bubbles, or check out our Pinterest boards for great birthday party ideas, and you will have a party fit for those big three-year-old siblings as well!


5. Appetizers for the Adults

Parties change when you have children, and all of a sudden crackers and juice boxes become prominent menu items. If your guests are all busy parents, they’ll appreciate some adult food as well. Make menu planning simple by ordering pre-made cheese and fruit plates. If you’d like to serve a meal, keep things easy by asking guests to contribute a potluck dish instead of a gift.


6. Memory Box or Photo Book

What’s the best gift for a one-year-old? Instead of stuffed animals, why not ask your guests to contribute a special memory or photo of your child’s first year, or an inspiring quote? Ask guests to write these into a memory book, and you have a homemade scrapbook created by friends and family.


7. Birthday Photo

After a year of firsts, start an annual tradition of a birthday photo. Bring the family together in the same place every year, and you’ll be able to see how everyone changes and grows from year to year – this happens to be one of our party expert’s very favorite out of all birthday party ideas and traditions. Moreover share these photo memories with your loved ones privately inside the app.


8. A Tradition of Contribution

You may still need some baby gear, but if you’ve bought everything that you need, consider starting a tradition of contribution. Ask guests to donate a small amount to charity in lieu of a gift, or set up an Echoage party which allows your guests to contribute money that goes to both your child and a charity of your choice. Your baby is growing up, and your child’s first birthday is a wonderful day to celebrate that year of firsts. Inviting your friends and family to celebrate doesn’t need to be stressful. Little ones and their adults will love a simple first birthday bash.   If you need more birthday party ideas, follow us on Facebook or  visit our Pinterest boards for loads of inspiration!



Posted by Christina Belmont on April 1, 2015.


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