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Sweet Bridal Shower Ideas for the bride to be

Sweet Bridal Shower Ideas for the bride to be

When it comes gathering Bridal Shower ideas, there is only one golden rule – make the bride feel special.

In between all the preparations and planning for the wedding, the bride feels worn out with all the shopping, trials and scheduling. At this extremely grand event instead of feeling happy and energetic, quite usually the bride feels weighed down with all the work. Hence, it’s the duty of the host to ensure that the bridal shower is one day which is so special that it makes the bride forget everything and only enjoy herself with her loved ones.

So here is what you can do to make the memory of Bridal Shower party timeless.


It’s all about the Bride!


When you are looking for Bridal Shower ideas, remember it is that one day where she has to simply sit back and enjoy her champagne. So make this all about her from the decorations to the food that you choose. Be imaginative and think out of the box.

Use the bride’s favorite colors, food, music and games. But then surprise her with thoughtful touches, such as hiring a glam squad to make her feel beautiful and pampered, or surprise her with special unexpected guests, or a henna artist to give her a special henna tattoo celebrating her upcoming wedding.

If you are feeling unsure what will make the bride feel special, share your Bridal Shower ideas with your guests through the PurpleSlate’s mobile app broadcast feature, and brainstorm with her friends and family in real time.


Memory Wall


You can create a dedicated ‘Memory Wall’ at the party hall wherein all the guests have to write a message for the bride on a post-it and stick it up. The messages could range from writing about a sweet memory they have with the bride or giving humorous marriage advice.

To avoid hassle on the party day of individually telling the guests to write messages, you can simply broadcast a message to them all through the PurpleSlate free invitation maker app. Another benefit of doing this is that the guests will have more time to think about their message making it more special for the bride to read.


Lights, Camera, Action (the best of all bridal shower ideas)


This is one of our favorite Bridal Shower ideas. Shower the bride to be with love and memories. Ask your guests attending to record a message for the bride on their phone and send it to you, similarly ask the groom and soon-to-be-in laws to record a special message for the bride telling the bride to be how excited they are for her to become a part of their family.

Next ask the guests to find old photographs or video of the bride, particularly the ones which the bride doesn’t have or has not seen. The photos and video can easily be shared on the PurpleSlate app. Finally use the photos and video that your guests have provided,  to make a short film which you can play during the Bridal Shower. You can record her reaction to the video and share it real-time with everyone through the PurpleSlate app.


For more Bridal Shower ideas, check out Pinterest for inspiration and don’t forget to look at Party City for supplies.


Life is better when we get together, and PurpleSlate makes it easy.


Posted by Christina Belmont on August 17, 2015.

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