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Classy and Frugal: Cheap Wedding Invitations

Classy and Frugal: Cheap Wedding Invitations


(Yes, we said it…cheap wedding invitations)

Everyone has a place where wedding plans meet budget reality, and whether your budget is in the tens of thousands of dollars or a simple three-figure affair, you want to make your budget stretch. Wedding invitations aren’t cheap, and many run in the ten dollar and over range. If you don’t want to spring for professional printing on expensive stationary, you can still send out fantastic-looking cheap wedding invitations.


Creative Printing

When you mention the word wedding, the cost of a product skyrockets. Even cheap wedding invitations can break your budget. Instead of choosing a wedding-focused stationary store or printer, use online printing services to design your own card. You can even stray from the tradition of cards, using standard online printing to develop your own wedding poster, magnet, or postcard.


Do It Yourself(ish)

If you love crafting, you can certainly create your own wedding invitations. Just watch your party budget, since getting enthusiastic about supplies can also be costly. If you choose simple printed invitations, you can also add extra touches. Tie raffia or a ribbon around the top, add a simple scrapbooking image, or tuck a bit of confetti into the envelope. If you’re craft-challenged, you can also visit craft sites like Etsy where you’ll find talented crafters ready to lend their skills to your invitation needs.


Innovation Trumps Expense

If you have a unique wedding theme, share it. If you’re having a beach wedding, send a message in a bottle to your friends.  For a garden wedding, create custom seed packages that house your invitation.  At Christmas, craft a keepsake ornament with your dates and add a tag with RSVP details.


The Digital Revolution

You share online, so why not share one of life’s biggest events digitally rather than through snail mail? Use PurpleSlate’s free invitation maker, to create a custom invitation to your wedding. You can track your guest list in real time. You can make your online invitation as fancy or as simple as you’d like. It can even feature an audio or a video that can be shared with all the guests. The bonus? Digital products are very environmentally friendly, and they cut down on postage costs as well.


When you’re saving for your life together, you want to make sure that you stay within your wedding budget. Cheap wedding invitations don’t need to look like you’re pinching pennies. Your wedding is a way to learn how to work within your means together and to have a good time creating an experience that speaks to who you are as a couple.


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Posted by Christina Belmont on April 6, 2015.


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