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Date Night Ideas You Never Thought About

Date Night Ideas You Never Thought About

We lead such busy lives that it has not become uncommon for us to actually schedule a ‘date night’ with our spouse or significant other and then struggle to find date night ideas.

Just a few years ago, the concept seemed absurd.  But ‘date night’ has become widely accepted, and refers to an event carried out by committed couples who drop or reschedule other responsibilities for the purpose of spending a few hours of planned entertainment together, including dinner, movie, or trying out other date night ideas.

Apparently, given our busy lives, the very idea of having dinner and seeing a movie with a spouse or partner needs to be planned out days or even weeks in advance.  Hence, ‘date night’.

Date night can actually be therapeutic.  According to an article published in February, 2014 in the New York TimesWell blog, the date night or movie night can help marriages and even serve as a type of therapy.  ‘The movie intervention could become a self-help option for couples who are reluctant to join formal therapy sessions or could be used by couples who live in areas with less access to therapists,’ notes Tara Parker-Pope, editor of Well.

Well, here at PurpleSlate, we aren’t in a position to advise people to start planning date nights as a form of couples therapy — but we definitely think that people should start planning more of them! And we do have a few uncommon date night ideas to suggest.

Dinner and a movie can get old — so what else could you do?  (And on a weeknight, and be home before 9?)

Here are a few date night ideas:

1.  Attend a lecture at a local university

Many universities have an evening lecture series for which a range of authors and professionals speak.  Some of them may even be free.  Nothing wrong with a little intellect every so now and then!

2. Take a class that’s interactive and collaborative

Think arts, crafts, or cooking:  something hands-on, where you can get dirty, and have a whole lotta fun while doing it.  Plus who knows:  you might just create some nifty souvenirs.

3. Listen to a rehearsal for a local musical group

Local orchestras, ensembles and bands may be more than happy to have you attend one of their dress rehearsals or jam sessions, especially if you’re NOT one of the parents or teachers.  This one may require some networking and an inside hook-up, but imagine the two of you being the only ones in the audience!

4. Go to an off-the-beaten-path sporting event

More and more cities are creating adult, intramural sports leagues to get more people out there and engaged.  If you can’t actually play the sport — after all, it’s just date night — consider attending just one of their games.  Imagine the fun you’ll have watching an adult kickball or hockey game.

5. Make opt-in to Groupon or Living Social active

If you’re still not inspired by any of these date night ideas, be sure to keep your opt-in status to Groupon or LivingSocial active.  These days, the discounts pushed to your Inbox can get quite creative, and can actually serve as the very impetus to plan a date night in the first place.

Remember to create an invitation while bringing our date night ideas to life (or your idea!) using your PurpleSlate app, and take photos to capture these memorable date night moments.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Posted by Jake Wengroff on March 23, 2015.

Jake WengroffI have served as the Founding Chairman of the Social Media Strategies Summit, and have written for publications such as and InformationWeek. I have been quoted in Time, Reuters, Bloomberg, and other publications on the topics of social media and marketing. If you enjoyed reading this post, join our email list to get free email updates.

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