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Electronic Invitations vs. Paper Invitations: Pros and Cons

Electronic Invitations vs. Paper Invitations:  Pros and Cons

I’ve blogged before about my experience with paper invitations. Basically, I don’t receive any anymore. 

(I used to receive paper wedding invitations, but since my friends and family aren’t getting married anymore, no invitations arrive in the mail.)

The casual nature of our society has made informal, social interactions that require very little to no planning the norm.  

Inviting people over for dinner hardly requires the need to design, print, and mail paper invitations, even if the occasion is something worthy of celebration, such as a promotion at work or a personal milestone.

I decided to list some pro’s and con’s of electronic invitations vs. paper invitations.sbiancamento denti  Could they be compared toe to toe?

Let us know what you think.



the word date on a card

 PRO Paper invitations


Perception of the event being more serious. 

The creation and mailing of a paper invitation demonstrates that the party planners take the event seriously.  The invitations show that the hosts felt it was worth their time and money to develop and send invitations.  Guests, in return, feel honored to receive an expertly-designed invitation.


CON Paper Invitations


Wasteful, not eco-friendly. 

For those who cannot attend the event, the host has to incur the cost of printing and mailing invitations to these people.  (And don’t forget the RSVP cards with the postage-paid return envelopes:  do those only exist for wedding invitations?  I miss those.  The envelopes were so darn cute.  I’m sure the U.S. Postal Service misses those envelopes, too.)  And what becomes of the paper invitation after the event has passed?  It is most likely tossed in the trash.  Some people may hold onto it — perhaps frame it or add it to a scrapbook — but for most people, it disappears.


Single purpose — to alert and inform. 

The invitation only serves to deliver information.  It does not allow for continuous communication between host and guests, or between guests.  Additionally, a paper invitation cannot store memories captured from the event.






PRO Electronic Invitations


Low cost or free. 

Enough said.


Easy to create the invitation, send to guests, and track RSVPs. 

This process can be completed in minutes, and with the dynamic nature of a mobile app, information can be continuously shared between host and guest.


Multimedia assets and resources can be created and shared before, during, and after the event. 

Photos, videos, and audio clips can be captured and shared with everyone, and self-contained within the app.   This transforms electronic invitations into a digital archive, keepsafe box, or time capsule.


CON Electronic Invitations


Electronic Invitations can be missed.

As with Facebook Events, it is possible in today’s saturated social media enabled world to miss important information, news, or event invitations from friends.


Perception that event can be skipped, that it is not a priority. 

Even if the recipient receives the invitation, since it is electronic, many people today unfortunately view the invitation as less important or relevant, and so may decide to pass, with or without informing the host.  Not good manners or behavior, but this does happen frequently today.


About PurpleSlate


PurpleSlate was developed to be the solution between formal, expensive paper invitations and no invitation at all.  Electronic invitations are still invitations and its function is to not only inform the guest but also serve as a digital archive of all interactions surrounding the event.  Our photo, video, and audio features allow you to capture and store content — and memories — forever.

Electronic invitations may seem less formal than paper invitations, but in today’s busy, distracted and overworked world, both hosts and guests will consider it a tremendous convenience.

Would you agree?

Take a look at what the Huffington Post thinks about Paper invitations VS. Electronic invitations.



Posted by Jake Wengroff on February 19, 2015.

Jake WengroffI have served as the Founding Chairman of the Social Media Strategies Summit, and have written for publications such as and InformationWeek. I have been quoted in Time, Reuters, Bloomberg, and other publications on the topics of social media and marketing. If you enjoyed reading this post, join our email list to get free email updates.


  • It's really nice that online invitations can help track which people have made reservations and not. One of my friends is actually getting engaged, so he may want to learn more about the benefits of digital invitations. Thanks for the great information on the pros and cons of digital and paper invitations.

    • Hi Taylor, We are glad you found this information useful. Please share our app "PurpleSlate" or website "" with your friend who might find it useful to get her invitations out for her engagement by text!

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