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Evite™ Introduced Text Message Invitations, but PurpleSlate Does it Better!

Evite™ Introduced Text Message Invitations, but PurpleSlate Does it Better!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We like to think that’s true, especially since last week we awoke to news that Evite™ introduced a text invitations feature to their mobile app.

Needless to say, as an e-invite platform, the team at PurpleSlate had to investigate Evite’s™ newest feature…


Evite™ text message invitations screenshot

Evite’s™ text message feature sends a link.

Bottom Line Up Front

Evite’s™ text messaging feature is actually just an extension of their pre-existing email invitation service. Instead of receiving a text invitation, guests simply receive a text link to the mobile web version of a host’s Evite™ digital invitation.

And that’s not all…

To RSVP, a guest has to either login OR register to record their RSVP. This ADDS another step to the RSVP process than if a guest simply got the Evite™ digital invitation via email.

Simply put, Evite’s™ text message feature is a new feature but the experience is cumbersome for guests, which was actually the impetus for why we began building PurpleSlate in 2015. Check out the snapshots we’ve included in this post to see the differences we’ve discussed.


The PurpleSlate Commitment

Evite™ text message invitations screenshot

To record RSVP, guest must login or register on Evite’s™ website.

At PurpleSlate, our primary focus is on creating enjoyable experiences for our hosts and guests.

We are determined to take the stress out of party planning and we believe PurpleSlate delivers a fast, easy and effortless means of sending invites, recording RSVPs, and providing all the details a host and guest needs right in the palm of their hand.

We know you have other apps to choose from when sending text message invitations so thank you for always picking PurpleSlate. We’d love for you to read more about our commitment to you here.

Life is better when we get together. PurpleSlate continues to make it easy and FREE.



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Posted by PurpleSlate on October 26, 2017.

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