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What is PurpleSlate?

PurpleSlate is an invitation platform that sends event invites via text messages in seconds. It enables you to send invitations on the go right from your mobile device or from the website which allows you to upload a contact list. Your guests can simply RSVP via mobile web or text, without having to download an app. The mobile app offers features that allow you, among other things:

  • To create and send invitations for events via text in seconds
  • To receive invitations for events
  • To invite guests to an event, send RSVP reminders and Event reminders
  • To add event photo from PurpleSlate’s gallery
  • To edit pictures
  • To send and receive messages and other media files (photos, video and audios) to all invitees of an event
  • To get updates about events that you are associated with
  • To send and receive one-to-one and group messages as well as media files (photos, videos and audios) with a contact using the Chat feature
  • To send stickers
How do I sign up?

It’s easy to sign up – if you have internet and the ability to receive text messages, then you can use PurpleSlate Mobile App! Enter your name and mobile phone number on the sign up screen of the app, create a password and begin. If you like you can also provide more information about yourself like an Email but it is optional and providing this information is completely at your discretion. On the website, you can simply sign up with a name and email.

How do I create an event on My PurpleSlate?

In the website, you can create an event by selecting “Create New Event” option. In the Mobile App, tap the ‘+New’ icon on the MyPurpleSlate tab. A New Event screen will open up and you will be prompted to complete the various Event details :

  • Event Name
  • Event Photo
  • Guests (which will let you select contacts from your phone contact list)
  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • Place
  • Details (if any)
  • Important links (such as for ticket purchase, website, registry, etc)
I made a mistake. Can I edit an event on My PurpleSlate or can I just add more guests to my event after sending it out?

Yes, you can edit an Event while it is in draft or after you have sent it. On the website, look for “Edit Event” option. In the Mobile app, go to MyPurpleSlate tab and open your Event and look for the three dots on the right hand side in the header. When you tap it, you will get the option to Edit Event/Add Guests. If you choose to edit an Event invitation that you have sent, then you have the option to ‘Update and send’ your Event after all edits are done or you have added additional guests so that your existing guests can receive an update about your event detail changes and your new guests can get their invitation.

Can I send event invitations or messages via Chat to friends who do not have PurpleSlate Mobile app installed on their phones?

You can send event invitations to your contacts even when they have not downloaded and installed PurpleSlate Mobile app on their phone. In such cases, we will send text message to such contacts with a unique personalized link for them to view your event details. They can view all the details of the event as well as RSVP by simply tapping a Yes or No button, without having to download the app. Or, they can also simply reply YES or NO by text to send their RSVP. It cannot get easier than this!

You cannot start a chat with a friend who does not have PurpleSlate Mobile app installed on his/her phone. It is easy to invite friends to download PurpleSlate Mobile app by using the ‘‘Share App’ button on the Contacts screen so that you can enjoy chatting together.

How many people can I invite to my event?

Currently there is no limit on the number of guests you can invite to an event. By adding your contacts to PurpleSlate, you are agreeing that you have permission to send text messages to your contacts and that your use of our services does not violate any TCPA and/or other consumer protection laws.

Can I send messages to all the people in my event?

Yes. From the event details screen, tap on the Event Chat icon. This will lead to a screen wherein you can send text messages, media files, stickers, etc to all the people in your event. As of now, only your guests who have the PurpleSlate Mobile app will be able to see the Event Chat. Your guests can also respond here via the app, which will be visible to all the people in the event.

Is my chat and media private or visible to all?

You can decide whether to make your chat and media private or visible. If you use the ‘Event Chat’ feature inside an event, then anyone who is in that event guest list can see your messages and media files if they have the mobile app. If you choose ‘Chat’ feature, then you can keep your messages and media files private (one-to-one) or in a group (more than one).

How do I report a bug/issue or provide feedback?

For iOS and Android, please go to Settings>About us>Contact us. You will be requested to provide your email while contacting us so that we can get back to you with the progress of your request. Please use the message box to provide as much detail as you can about the bug/issue you are facing so that we can resolve it asap. Also while giving feedback about the app, new features, etc., please provide as much details as possible so that we can act on it.

Is PurpleSlate Mobile App free?

PurpleSlate Mobile App is free to download and free to try for a limited number of text messages. However, we would charge a fee for purchasing text message packages/credits beyond the initial free text messages. There are no monthly subscriptions or minimums. So if you do not want to use it, you still get to keep the sms credits in your account and just use it when you are ready to have your event. That way you do not have to pay anything when not having an event. This will help us to keep the ongoing maintenance and enhancement of the PurpleSlate Mobile App to have a continuously better user experience. Please note that PurpleSlate will never automatically charge you for text message packages. We may, at our discretion, also include additional features, tools and options in the paid version of PurpleSlate to make it more enjoyable and worthwhile for you. To see our current pricing go to :

Note: Deleting and reinstalling PurpleSlate does not reset your subscription/text message balance. Carrier/SMS charges may apply depending upon your mobile plan for account verification, password recovery/reset, etc.

Is it free to send event invites and messages over PurpleSlate?

If you have an adequate internet data plan for your smartphone, it is free to send and receive event invitations, messages and media over PurpleSlate to other users who are also using the PurpleSlate Mobile app. But event invites sent by sms are free only to a certain extent beyond which you would need to purchase text message packages to continue to send sms to guests who are not using the PurpleSlate app. To see our current pricing go to :

If you are concerned about data usage, we recommend that you use a Wi-Fi connection, if possible.

However, you should be aware that if your phone is roaming, additional mobile data charges may apply.

Please note that Carrier/SMS charges may apply depending upon your mobile plan for inviting Contacts to join PurpleSlate, as such SMS would be sent at user’s discretion using user’s SMS plan.

Which operating systems and phones is PurpleSlate compatible with?

You can use the PurpleSlate website ( from any web browser on your computer, tablets or phones. PurpleSlate Mobile App works on Smartphones (iPhones and Android) only. Currently the App is compatible with iOS7 and higher and Android versions 4.1 and higher.

You can download the app by going to from a web browser on your phone or download directly from the links below :

Play Store:

App Store:

Do I have to log in every time I use PurpleSlate?

No, you do not. Once you are logged in, you stay logged in to PurpleSlate App until you specifically log out. If you do log out, then you would need to log back in with your account password.

What if I logged out and forgot my password?

When you will try to log back into PurpleSlate, you will see an option in the Log in screen that says “Forgot your password?”. You need to select that and follow the prompts for reseting your password.

Do my contacts who use PurpleSlate Mobile App show as existing users?

Yes! PurpleSlate Mobile App will access/save your phone contact book to look up phone numbers saved under contacts for the purposes of identifying which of your contacts are “in network” and which ones are not. Your ‘in network” contacts will show up inside the app in the Contacts Screen with their profile photo marked with a purple ‘P’ indicating that the contact is an existing user of PurpleSlate. Those who are not using PurpleSlate will show a grey ‘P’ on their profile photo.

How do I add an international contact’s phone number?

For international numbers: Check to make sure the number is in the proper format. Do not use any exit codes or leading 0s. Start all international phone numbers with a + sign, followed by the country code.

For local numbers: Enter the phone number as if you were calling your friend on the phone.

When adding a contact’s international number to your phone address book, start with a plus sign (+). Then, write the country code, followed by the full phone number. For example the United States number 774-9101 in area code 703 would be written as +17037749101. (1 is the country code). Make sure to remove any leading 0′s or any special calling codes.

How can I invite my contacts to download PurpleSlate Mobile app?

You can invite contacts right from the ‘Contacts’ tab inside the mobile app. Just select the contacts you want to invite and hit the ‘Share App’ button. Once you hit ‘Share App’, an SMS will be created for you to send to your contacts at your discretion, with information to download PurpleSlate Mobile app. SMS charges may apply depending upon your SMS plan.

Not sure where to find it? Go to : iPhone/Android: Contacts>Tap ‘Share App’ at the top.

How can I add a friend to my PurpleSlate Contact list?

PurpleSlate Mobile App syncs your phone’s address book with the Contacts list and therefore, your friend’s phone number must be in your phone’s address book. If you still cannot see your friend in PurpleSlate Contact list, please follow these steps:

  • Double check that your friend’s phone number is entered correctly in your phone’s address book.
  • Enter the number the same as you would if you were to make a phone call to that person. If this is an international phone number, do not use any exit codes or leading 0s. Start all international phone numbers with a + sign, followed by the country code.
  • Open PurpleSlate Mobile app and go to the Contacts screen. You can also pull down the Contacts screen at the very top with one finger to refresh it. Contacts in your phone’s address book that have PurpleSlate app will be displayed in the Contacts screen marked with a purple ‘P’. You can only start a chat with these contacts.
  • If you see your friend in your Contact list but not marked with a purple ‘P’, it means that your friend does not have PurpleSlate. It’s easy to invite your friends from the ‘Share App’ button on the Contacts screen to download PurpleSlate Mobile app so that you can all enjoy the application together.
Do I pay carrier charges when sending text to my contacts to download PurpleSlate? What about carrier charges when I use the call button?

Yes. You do pay carrier/SMS charges when you send invitations to your contacts to download PurpleSlate, depending upon your wireless plan. Incoming text message charges may also apply depending on your wireless plan.

PurpleSlate does not provide a calling feature. If you see a Call button within PurpleSlate, it is the same as using the Call button on your phone. Thus, mobile provider calling rates apply for phone calls made using the Call button within PurpleSlate app.

Can I share to social networks?

Yes. It is possible for you to share your events outside of the PurpleSlate app to any other social network using the “Share Event Link” option. You can also use “Copy Event Link” option and copy the event URL and share it any way you like. Any one will be able to RSVP to your link by providing a name and a phone number.

Can I use photos already in my phone?

Yes, you can in the PurpleSate Mobile App! Photos already on your phone can be used to share to all invitees of an event, or can be sent to any contact via Chat and can also be used to update your profile picture or a group chat’s profile picture.

From the event detail screen, select the Event Chat feature, and then near the bottom of the screen, near the Message prompt, you will see a paper clip. Tapping on the paper clip will bring you to a screen which will prompt you to add photo, video or audio. You can then upload photos or other media already stored in your phone. You can also do the same thing while using the Chat feature.

How can I edit my photos on the Mobile App?

For each photo that you select, either as your profile photo, or as your group chat profile photo or as your Event Invitation photo, our in-app photo editor will open up providing you with a number of photo-editing and filtering options. You can edit your photos as much as you want and also save edited photos (except photos from MyPurpleSlate gallery) to your phone gallery if you want. While sending single or multiple photos from your phone via Event Chat/Chat, you will also get an option to Edit every photo using our photo editor. Tap your inner artist!

Besides photos, what other media can I include with the invitation?

While creating and sending the invitation, you can only add an invitation photo as of now. Once the invitation is sent, you can include video and audio clips before or after your event, by using the Event Chat feature so that all the invitees in the event can view it.

How do I get updates about new invitations, who is going or not, new media
shared, etc? How can I change my settings to control what updates I want to see?

The Home tab keeps you updated about new and existing invitations, who is going or not, new media files shared, etc by showing these activities as Recent Updates. You can choose get updates under Settings > Notifications. You can modify your preferences in this screen easily.

Will my text message credits expire after one year?

The text message credits that you buy will not expire until a year. However, after non-usage for a year, we may take a decision to expire your credits. So go get that event invites sent out that you have been planning for so long!

How do I update my status on PurpleSlate Mobile App? How do I delete it?

You can update your status by going to Settings > Profile and selecting any of our existing status messages or you can select “Create my own status” from the list of options. This will open a free form field for text input in which you can express your own words. If you would like to delete your status message, then hit ‘Clear’ on the menu of status options.

How is my profile used in PurpleSlate Mobile App?

You can customize your PurpleSlate profile by setting up your unique profile picture and name. You also have the option to set a custom status message for yourself or choose a status message from a list that we provide.

Profile picture:
The picture you set in your PurpleSlate profile will be displayed in the Events detail screen for the Events you are associated with, in the Event Chat screen, in the Guest list of events, in the Chats screen (individual and group chats) and in the Contacts screen. Your contacts can view your profile from the contact screen and can tap on your profile photo to view it large. Even if your friends have different profile pictures of you saved elsewhere on their phones, they will only see your personally selected PurpleSlate profile photo. If you choose not to set a profile photo, then your friends will see a generic placeholder photo that we use in our app.

The status message is a real time indicator of what you are doing, so that you can keep up to date with your contacts. You can view status messages by opening PurpleSlate Mobile App and going to the Contacts screen. Your friend’s status message will be displayed directly below their name. You can read the full status message by tapping on their names and seeing their full profile.

It may take some time for your newly updated status message to display on your friends’ phones. If your friends refresh their Contacts list by pulling down on the contacts screen, they will see the status updates much more quickly.

If your friends have saved your contact information in their address book under a name, then they see that name for you inside the app. If your friends have not saved your contact information in their address book under any name, then the name you put in your PurpleSlate profile is used inside the app. If they have no name saved for you and if you have not put any profile name, then they will just see a phone number for you.

What file types does PurpleSlate Mobile App support for transferring?

You can send photos, videos and audio files. While you can send upto 10 photos at a time, there is a limit to send only one video and one audio file at a time so that we can provide you with better speed.

What are stickers and how can I send them?

Stickers are a fun way of conveying your emotion as pictures speak louder than words. It is very easy to send stickers. You simply open your Chat or Event Chat screen and tap on the Sticker icon to the left of the message input box. Just tap on a sticker to send it. Keep checking the sticker collection as we will continue to add more cool and fun stickers here for you.

I see my friend on PurpleSlate Mobile App, but someone else is using this account.

Whenever a friend gives up a phone number, you should make sure to delete the number from your phone address book. Otherwise, you may incorrectly identify an account in PurpleSlate as your friend’s account, when the account in fact belongs to the new phone number’s owner. PurpleSlate Mobile App exclusively uses a phone number to identify an account and we display the names you have saved in your address book.

After you have locked the SIM in your stolen phone, you can use a new SIM with the same number to activate PurpleSlate on your new phone. This is the fastest way to deactivate your account on the stolen phone as the user of the stolen phone will not be able to verify the account.

Please note that we are not able to help you locate your phone.

Important: Even with the SIM card locked and phone service disabled, PurpleSlate can be used on Wi-Fi on the stolen phone unless you activate PurpleSlate on your new phone.

How can I back up or export my messages?

Currently, this is not supported. You can see your information relating to event history and chat history only inside the app.

Why is the timestamp on my received messages incorrect?

If the timestamp displayed on your received messages is incorrect, the time or time zone configured on your phone is most likely incorrect. To fix this, we recommend setting your date and time to ‘Automatic’ or ‘Network Provided’. With this setting enabled, your mobile provider will set your phone to the correct time. If the incorrect time is displayed even with this setting enabled, this is an issue with your network. Please contact your mobile provider to address the issue. As a workaround, please modify your date and time settings and correct your time zone manually.

Note: The time zone is different than the actual time. Make sure the correct time zone for your location is selected.

To configure your time zone manually, please follow these steps for your phone:

  • Android: Go to Settings > Date and Time > Select time zone.
  • iPhone: Go to Settings > General > Date and Time.
Why can’t I connect to PurpleSlate?

The most common reason why you cannot connect to PurpleSlate is because your phone is temporarily not connected to the internet.

To ensure you have a working internet connection, go through the following steps if using phone:

  • Make sure you have a data plan on your carrier’s network or a Wi-Fi connection with internet access.
  • Make sure that the signal strength of the Wi-Fi or data network is good and the phone is connected to the network.
  • Open a webpage in your phone browser to see if it loads. If it does, your phone is connected to the internet.
  • Reboot your phone.
How do I use group chat?
  • You may add unlimited participants to any group you create.
  • There is also no limit to the number of groups that you can create.
  • When you create a group, you are automatically added as the admin.
  • Only the group administrator can add people to the group chat.
  • Only people who have the PurpleSlate mobile app can be added to the group chat.
  • If you have any questions about being added to a group, or prefer not to be added, please speak to the group admin.
Why can’t I send or receive event information and messages on PurpleSlate?

The most common reason why you cannot send or receive PurpleSlate messages is a bad internet connection. If you are absolutely sure PurpleSlate is connected to the internet, there are a few other possible reasons why PurpleSlate messages are not going through:

  • Your phone needs to be rebooted. Turn your phone off, wait 30 seconds, turn your phone back on.
  • You have not completed the initial verification process.
  • The number of the contact you are trying to message on PurpleSlate has not been entered correctly on your phone. Enter the number the same as you would if you were to make a phone call to that person. If this is an international phone number, do not use any exit codes or leading 0s. Start all international phone numbers with a + sign, followed by the country code and then the mobile number.

If you attempt to frequently switch your PurpleSlate account between different devices, at a certain point, you may be blocked from re-verifying your account. So please do not repeatedly switch between different devices.

Why does PurpleSlate Mobile App use my phone number and my address book?

We ask for your phone number because that is how PurpleSlate Mobile App routes event information and chat messages between you and your contacts, similar to how the SMS system would.

Your address book data is private to you. No one else using PurpleSlate has access to your address book data, unless you share the data. We value your privacy and we have not, do not, and will not ever sell your personal information to anyone. If you would like to learn more about our Privacy Policy, please take a look at

In order to prevent and reduce unsolicited spam messages, as well as to improve your in-app experience, PurpleSlate Mobile App uses the phone numbers from your phone’s address book, and then checks to see which of those numbers are verified in PurpleSlate. This allows any PurpleSlate users from your address book to appear in your Contacts screen and the Chats screen. During this entire process, only the contact names and phone numbers are sent to PurpleSlate for lookup, securely. No other information, such as emails, and addresses are sent. So that you know who you are chatting with, the app then displays the names from your address book. The app also uses the names from your address book to personalize the invite SMS sent on your behalf.

When I travel abroad, will I be charged for data roaming?

PurpleSlate Mobile app uses the same internet data plan as web browsing and email on your phone. If using your cellular data while roaming will normally result in additional charges, you may be charged extra by your mobile provider for using PurpleSlate while roaming. Contact your wireless carrier for details about international roaming countries, SIMs, rates, and policies.

If you do not have an international data plan, turn off Cellular Data and/or Data Roaming to avoid data roaming charges.

Using PurpleSlate while your phone is connected to Wi-Fi should not incur charges from your carrier. Please note that some Wi-Fi networks may have charges or usage fees.

How can I get push notifications (or not) on PurpleSlate Mobile App?

When there is an update for you in PurpleSlate or a new message, you can choose how and what you want to be notified by going to :

PurpleSlate > Settings > Notifications

You can choose how you want to know about updates :
Ringtone: An audible alert plays.
Vibrate : The phone will vibrate to alert you.

In iPhone Settings > PurpleSlate > Notifications, so that you can set your preferences for Alert style (Banners, Pop-up Alerts, or None), Badge App Icon, and Sounds. If you want notifications to appear when your phone’s display is off, be sure to enable Show on Lock Screen.The alert sound volume is controlled by your iPhone’s ringer volume, which can be set in iPhone Settings > Sounds.

In Android, go to PurpleSlate > Settings > Notifications to set your preferences for Sound, Vibrate, etc.

Push notifications require a valid SIM card and an active Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Note: Notifications use Wi-Fi only when a cellular connection is unavailable. Firewalls and proxy servers may affect your ability to receive notifications.

How can I notify inappropriate content and users on PurpleSlate Mobile App?

If you find objectionable content being shared by users, you can notify us about it by doing a long press on the content. Then you will receive an option to flag the content as inappropriate. We will be moderating the reported content as well as the associated user generating such content, and will take necessary action to remove such objectionable content and users. You can also go to a user’s profile and find option to report user due to any objectionable activity by tapping on the menu on the top right corner of the screen. We will moderate reported users and take action to ensure they are ejected from the application and services.