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2 Awesome Food and Wine Pairing Charts You’ll Love

2 Awesome Food and Wine Pairing Charts You’ll Love

Have you ever been to a really nice restaurant, where they serve a particular wine with a certain kind of food?  Kind of impressive, huh?


At your next party you can have all your friends and family impressed, by doing the same.


These two Food and Wine Pairing Charts / Infographics below will do all the work for you.  Have fun and be impressive.


Food and Wine Pairing Charts – No. 1

Food and Wine Pairing Charts

Infographic on pairing wine and food from


One of my favorite hosting ideas is to have an informal cheese party with shot size glasses of wine that are paired with each cheese.


Rule number 1 – Everyone loves cheese.


Rule number 2 –  Always try to impress your guests.


Need some cheese board ideas? Here’s a great blog article, from Design Mom.


Food and Wine Pairing Charts – No. 2

Food and Wine Pairing Charts

Infographic on Wine and Food Pairing from


You don’t have to become an expert on what pairs well with what, we have you covered.  Print and add these two wine pairing infographics to your recipe book.  Now it’s your time to become the party host of the year!


Throw an awesome party using some of these ideas and see if Mrs. Jones can keep up with this one.


Tell us what is your favorite food and wine pairing?


And better still, use PurpleSlate mobile app to send mobile invitations for your party via Text Message. It is free and lets you create event invitations easily while you are on the go. You can get real-time responses from your guests whether they can make it or not by text reply. Chat with your guests inside the app and send them tempting pictures of your food and wine pairing. Anyone who misses the party will regret it for sure.  Be sure to share pictures taken during your party as well and make memories for your yourself and your guests.


Try this free invitation maker app. Life is better when we get together, we make it easy!



Posted by Liz Dychko on August 3, 2016.


  • Great post! There are some really cool ideas here. Keep up the great work on this blog!

  • Melinda Mclaughlin
    HI there - I am hosting a wine tasting 50th birthday party. I really like your two wine and pairing charts. Is there a way I can secure a printable version of them? When I save the image it's not great quality and I would love to be able to have these printed out and displayed at my party. Thanks so much!! Melinda

    • Hi Melinda, We are sending you an email with the images attached. Also, check our our PurpleSlate app for sending your party invites by text. Makes party planning really easy as text has 98% open rates!

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