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Fourth of July Entertaining Ideas

Fourth of July Entertaining Ideas

If you love getting together with friends and family – the Fourth of July is the perfect day to have a party with fun activities for both old and young alike. If you haven’t already sent out your invitations, using a free invitation maker like PurpleSlate is the perfect solution to inviting and staying in touch with your guests. Try on or all of these fun activities at your Fourth of July get together.


Water Balloon Bonanza on the Fourth of July

Who doesn’t love water balloons? If you haven’t discovered the Balloon Bonanza yet, it’s a must have! The Balloon Bonanza fills and ties 40 water balloons at a time, allowing you to spend more time playing than prepping. You can have a good old fashioned water balloon toss, or one of these fun ideas with your water balloons:

  • Have a relay race with balloon on masking tape roll, toilet paper tube, cup, or on spoon
  • Have a contest to see who can carry the most balloons
  • Who can carry their water balloons and run the fastest
  • Who can throw the balloon the farthest without popping it
  • Who can throw their balloon through a hula hoop without popping it – keep moving the hoop further away


Make it a Learning Experience

School is out, but it doesn’t mean that the learning has to stop. Head to your local Library and find interesting stories and facts about the Fourth of July. Once you have your stories lined up, make it fun with props and interactive play. You can find inexpensive props and supplies at your local Dollar Store – put them in a festive basket or container and keep your guests guessing until the big reveal.


Join a Parade Together

Few things are more festive on the Fourth of July, like a parade. Decorate your bikes, car or trailer with fun and festive streamers and balloons, and make sure to have plenty of candy on hand for the onlookers. Joining a parade with family and friends will be a lasting memory for all. Afterwards you can continue the fun with a BBQ and fireworks.


Make it a Birthday Party

While the younger guests may not fully understand the history behind the Fourth of July, they can easily understand a fun birthday celebration – complete with cake or cupcakes. Gather your guests together to sing happy birthday and include these fun festive candles.


Create Traditions

Few things are as memorable as family traditions, and the Fourth of July is a perfect time to create long lasting traditions for your family. It may be a local parade that you always attend, a special food that you cook, a picnic spot that you love or possibly a story that you tell – document it with photos and take time to share with each other what it means to you.

The Fourth of July is a wonderful time to gather together, afterwards you can use the PurpleSlate free invitation app to share photos, videos and memories with each other – and begin planning your next gathering.



Posted by Christina Belmont on June 23, 2015.

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