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Free Invitation Maker, Photo Editor, Messenger in One Killer App

Free Invitation Maker, Photo Editor, Messenger in One Killer App

As I’ve written previously in this blog, there is no shortage of apps at our disposal for taking photos, editing or beautifying these photos, and sending short messages to our friends — often with these photos attached.  While not as popular, perhaps due to the often last-minute, informal nature of casual event planning, a free invitation maker is increasingly becoming a sought-after consumer app.

Here’s why:

Share venue details and directions with your free invitation maker

Sending individual one-to-one text messages to friends giving the name, address, directions, and other event info can be repetitive and annoying.  An invitation maker should remove this tedious process, and broadcast important event information to all your invitees — time and venue, among other details.  It should be one and done!

Control the number of invitees

Too often with social networks and other online invitation makers, invitees can simply share or forward an invitation to a 3rd person — often without the permission or even knowledge of the host.  How many times have we organized a party and had friends bring some of their friends whom we did not expect — or approve of?

Maintain photos and rich media all in one place

An invitation maker should not only serve as the principal information or direction source, but also as a way to collect, manage, and archive memories — namely photos taken and shared during the event.

Perhaps one of the reasons why the ‘free invitation maker’ app category isn’t more popular or sought after is due to the fact that the very word ‘invitation’ gives people — especially younger folks — the idea that the meeting is somehow formal.  But it needn’t be.  An invitation can be as simple as meeting for a drink at the regular watering hole all the way up to that of a wedding invitation or graduation ceremony.

With the PurpleSlate free invitation maker, you can transform off-the-cuff planning of your meeting or event into something more substantive and relevant.  Your invitees will consider the event ‘on the record,’ and perhaps treat it with more seriousness and even joy.

In addition to photos being captured and stored with each event, the PurpleSlate’s free invitation maker also has a FEATURE RICH PHOTO EDITOR which allows you to test your creativity with the event photos and do some cool stuff like adding frames, stickers, and various effects to name a few. It also provides options to automatically save them in your phone’s photo gallery by selecting relevant settings, if you wish. That way you do not have to save each and every photo of your memorable events manually in your phone’s photo gallery.

Additionally, you can CHAT with your phone contacts using PurpleSlate within the app for free, in groups or individually. All relevant messaging between the host and the event invitees related to an event is archived under the event for faster reference.  Besides text-based messaging, be more creative and use PurpleSlate’s audio share feature.  Is there an interesting conversation going on during the dinner, coffee, or meetup? Create an audio clip for more vivid experiences to share later on.

How do you plan on using PurpleSlate?  Primarily as a free invitation maker?  Primarily for photo capture and editing?  Primarily for messaging?  We’d love to hear from you! Sign up now to find out when we launch.

Posted by Jake Wengroff on June 21, 2015.

Jake WengroffI have served as the Founding Chairman of the Social Media Strategies Summit, and have written for publications such as and InformationWeek. I have been quoted in Time, Reuters, Bloomberg, and other publications on the topics of social media and marketing. If you enjoyed reading this post, join our email list to get free email updates.

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