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FREE Text Invitations & RSVPs with PurpleSlate

FREE Text Invitations & RSVPs with PurpleSlate


We launched PurpleSlate in June 2016 and have grown organically ever since by offering free text invitations. Our users love our app and recognize that we are solving a real problem in their lives.

With success, comes competition. There are other apps that are sending free text invitations for you to choose from. In fact, Evite™ just recently announced a text feature, but it doesn’t deliver the same great user experience we do at PurpleSlate (read more here) …

Why Choose PurpleSlate?

So why are we better and why should you choose PurpleSlate to plan your events and parties?

We know that our hosts and guests are the heart and soul of PurpleSlate.

You are our priority.

You are indispensable and are the driving force behind the success we’ve seen in such a short period of time.

We recognize that without you, there would be no PurpleSlate.

Many of you know that building a business isn’t easy and requires funds to operate. Our competitors have come to the realization that free isn’t working for their business models and have started charging their users.

Yet, PurpleSlate continues to offer FREE text invitations.

How can that be?

Our Commitment to You

Simply, our motivation centers on delivering an easy, efficient and free experience for our users. By charging you to get together in the real world, we know that takes away from the enjoyable experience you have when using our app.

It’s not always easy, but our goal is to keep that no-charge commitment to you.

We know life is better when we get together and we’d like you to keep picking PurpleSlate to plan your offline events.

Thank you for choosing PurpleSlate and we hope you continue spreading the word about us with your family and friends!

We promise even more amazing features are in the works so stay tuned!


PurpleSlate – Event Invitations & RSVPs via Text in seconds!
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Posted by PurpleSlate on October 27, 2017.

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