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Great Bachelor Party Ideas

Great Bachelor Party Ideas

Weddings are an exciting time for everyone, heralding much joy and new beginnings. There is so much planning involved with weddings, from selecting food and flavors of cake, to renting a venue and securing photography. With so much to do and a seemingly endless checklist, the beleaguered bride and groom have more than earned some rest and relaxation as the wedding date draws near. This is why bachelor and bachelorette parties are so wonderful, as it’s a chance for not only the groom and bride to relax with their friends, but for their friends to spoil them. There are lots of great bachelor party ideas out there for planning these types of parties, and we are going to focus on a few great bachelor party ideas to help you plan an amazing outing for your friend.




Camping is one of the best bachelor party ideas if you have an adventurous circle of friends who don’t mind immersing in nature. Another great benefit to camping? It’s generally a more inexpensive option compared to other bachelor party ideas. You should obviously take a few factors into consideration before opting to camp, though, such as what the weather will be like at the time of your party. Obviously, weather cannot always be predicted in advance, but if it’s a time of year you know to expect many storms, or if this will be taking place during the winter months, you may want to rethink the bachelor party location. The cheapest thing to do would obviously be tent camping, but you can always rent cabins or a large camper. The great thing about camping is that you can bring your own food and drinks, thereby saving lots of money and having fun around the campfire roasting hot dogs or indulging in that nostalgic childhood treat: s’mores. The Plunge lists out a few options for great campsites along with helpful tips to keep in mind when camping.




Barbecuing is another one of the best and inexpensive bachelor party ideas, and who doesn’t enjoy a variety of hearty meat and ice cold beer to wash it down? The wonderful thing about barbecuing with your friends for a bachelor party is you have full control over what you eat and drink, much like camping. So if you want to splurge on brisket and multiple racks of ribs, take the plunge! You’re saving so much money that it gives you room to be unrepentant hedonists for the evening. The Knot lists out some other inexpensive and inventive options for bachelor parties; why not combine a few of these? Have a BBQ and play poker while you eat!


Whiskey Tasting or Cigar Bar


If you’re looking for some classier, more refined bachelor party ideas, consider whiskey tasting or an evening at a cigar bar. If you have the funds, try combining these as well; Grooms Magazine lists out the six best cigars to include at a bachelor party, so you could either do your whiskey tasting away from home (remember to arrange for transportation or have a designated driver) and return to try out various cigars, or buy a few different whiskey brands unfamiliar to everyone, and enjoy the adventure of sampling it all at home.


No matter what you decide out of an endless list of bachelor party ideas, remember that the point is to simply have fun and give the groom a great send off before he exchanges vows with his bride-to-be.


As you are planning your party, don’t forget to take advantage of PurpleSlate’s free invitation maker to ensure invites are sent out with enough advance notice to everyone invited. You can manage your event easily by getting real-time responses from your friends and last but not the least, add lots and lots of pictures that will keep you and your friends amused whenever you refer back them.


Life is better when we get together.

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Posted by Christina Belmont on August 5, 2015.


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