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PurpleSlate’s Invite Platform – New Focus Toward Businesses

PurpleSlate’s Invite Platform – New Focus Toward Businesses

Greetings from the PurpleSlate Team!

We wanted to share a new update to our company and invite platform that we were busy with! PurpleSlate had previously been consumer focused with mobile apps for personal use. Recently we decided to make a pivot to our offering and begin focusing primarily on our business invite platform for large scale events. To that effect, we recently created our business invite platform ( and did the soft launch in February with organizations in the Denver area. We got amazing feedback and the events hosted were successful and easy to manage for both the host and the invitees. Not only that, we now are hearing directly from our users what they would like to see next and we are actively working on that.

This decision comes as a way to expand our reach and help groups maintain their events at a much larger scale. This does not change our value and offering to consumers at all! PurpleSlate is still the most effective way to manage your events, guaranteeing a higher open rate, read rate, and response rate than the traditional event invite platforms.

In making this change, we are finding that PurpleSlate is continuing to organically grow as a consumer tool as well. This comes as a result of two things: (1) people finding our invite platform online and recognizing it as an effective tool to create and organize events, and (2) members of organizations adding the invite platform after getting invited to events! We have been finding that on average, between 10%-20% of guests that get invited to events put on by their organizations through PurpleSlate not only respond via text but also download and add the app! These users then often go on to create their own events within their networks.

We have also redesigned our PurpleSlate website. Please visit see our new layout. When we were B2C focused, all events could easily be managed through the mobile applications. Now, with our new focus on B2B, events can be entirely managed and maintained through our web application! You can effectively design events, import and upload huge contact lists, and send out invites, all within minutes. And of course, you still enjoy all the add-on features like sending reminders, sharing your event link through social media channels, updating guest list in real time and chatting with your attendees.

Text is the most widely-used app on smartphones today, with an average of 98% of SMS messages opened and read within minutes of delivery, compared to just 22% for emails. We hope you have the opportunity to run, manage, and experience events through PurpleSlate!

Posted by PurpleSlate on April 3, 2018.

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