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Awesome Summer Karaoke Party Ideas to rock your party

Awesome Summer Karaoke Party Ideas to rock your party

Oh say can you hear the spectacular sounds of summer? Celebrate with a fun Karaoke Party, from our national anthem to the sounds of a summer beach party, summer is a time of joyful noise.


Create a Theme

Whether you and your friends go out every week for karaoke or your friends are terrified of singing, having a theme helps people know what to expect. For your Karaoke Party, choose a musical or show that you love, such as Glee, or go with the classics with a Beatles or Elvis party. Arrange your décor, costumes, and food around this theme. Create invitations that look like they’re from this vintage, use a free invitation maker like PurpleSlate to add a photo that jives with your theme and send invitations via the mobile app.

Party City is a great place to find decorations that will go with your Karaoke Party theme.


Dressing Up

Having a Karoake party is more fun with props and costumes! Big hair, leather pants, and lots of glamorous beads: from the eighties to grunge, from opera to Elvis, create fun and funky glamour photos that get your guests looking and feeling silly. Encourage people to dress up as their favorite singing star or as an invented singer.

Create a theme that focuses on a decade or a style of music.


Go on Stage

Add some excitement by making a stage where your guests can sing and ham it up. If you’re outdoors, use a patio as a stage and decorate it with sparkling lights. If you’re indoors, clear out furniture from a part of a room and place curtains or sheets across a doorway so that your singers can enter with dramatic flair.

Add a disco ball or fog machine to set the mood.


Feeding the Crowds

A karaoke party needs lots of casual munchies and drinks to keep your friends’ voices limber. Go with your theme. If you’re pretending that your house is a smoky bar, chicken wings, chips, nachos and punch will likely be on the menu.

If it’s an Elvis party, go for some of Elvis’s favorite foods, such as bacon-wrapped meatballs and sausage rolls.


Karaoke Party Games

What do you do when you’re not singing? While your audience may be raptly looking at and listening to your karaoke stars, some may also want to enjoy a party game, or you can introduce games in the lead up to the main event. Perform some song charades as a warm up activity: challenge guests to hum a song and have people guess what it is in a form of song charades.   If you’re feeling the beat from the tangerine, how about a game that focuses on commonly confused lyrics? From Abba’s Dancing Queen to Aerosmith, there are many unclear and confusing song lyrics out there and some hysterical alternatives. Provide your guests with the mixed-up lyrics and have them figure out what the singer was actually saying.


Before your guests go on stage, have them draw two or three words from a hat that turn into their singer name. Provide costumes if they don’t have one on already, so that they can turn into that fabulous singer.


When you’re creating a karaoke party, you’ll want to invite your friends, track invitations, and create memories of the fun. With PurpleSlate, you can easily get real time RSVPs and figure out who’s coming. You can take photos and video, and share them with your guests via the app after the karaoke party is over.


Download our app and join the fun! It is even better when friends and family are on it too.


Life is better when we get together, PurpleSlate makes it easy.


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Posted by Christina Belmont on July 2, 2016.


  • I love the idea of dressing up in a theme for a karaoke party. Some people get a bit nervous of doing karaoke so wearing a costume helps to tame the nerves as it acts as a barrier to the audience. Getting everyone to dress up as their favourite pop star would be fun. Great post, thanks

    • Thanks so much for liking out post. Please try our PurpleSlate app for your next Karaoke party - Send fast invitations via text!

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