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Mobile Apps Usage Increases, But Only Slightly – Surprise!

Mobile Apps Usage Increases, But Only Slightly – Surprise!

Hooray for mobile apps!

Research published from Flurry reveals that native app usage on smartphones is continuing to grow — at the expense of the mobile web. The company claims that users are now spending 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on mobile devices.

However, this figure reflects an increase of only 12 minutes per day, as compared to data collected from the previous year.  This seems to point to a sort of leveling off in terms of how much time users have to spend on devices, and in mobile apps.

I guess time is indeed our most precious resource.  We arm ourselves with the best smartphones we can find, and download mobile apps that make our lives both more enjoyable and efficient.

In the report, Flurry also examined the mobile apps categories that remained most popular year-over-year.  Gaming still dominates mobile apps usage, with 32% of time spent on iOS and Android devices (same as last year).

Social comes in second, with Facebook claiming 17% of time spent on mobile.  However, combined with Twitter (1.5%) and Social Messaging apps (9.5%), social grew to 28% of time spent on mobile apps, up from 24% last year, indicating the broader shift from socializing on Facebook to sharing within smaller, more private messaging applications.

Which spells good news for us here at PurpleSlate, and validates what we’ve suspected all along:  people are seeking more private interactions and messaging on their smartphones.  We created the mobile invitation maker — without the option for sharing — because we felt that users do not want to give up messaging but rather they seek more control and privacy.

With PurpleSlate, you can create invitations to gatherings large and small, and you can control the communications among those participating. Sign up now to be first to get notified when we launch.

As for the growth of smartphones, over three years ago it was reported that Apple was selling 377,900 iPhones per day — larger than the world’s daily birth rate, of 371,000 babies born per day.  I find this figure fascinating.


Posted by Jake Wengroff on July 21, 2015.

Jake WengroffI have served as the Founding Chairman of the Social Media Strategies Summit, and have written for publications such as and InformationWeek. I have been quoted in Time, Reuters, Bloomberg, and other publications on the topics of social media and marketing. If you enjoyed reading this post, join our email list to get free email updates.

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