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Party Planning Checklists and Essentials – It’s Yours for Free

Party Planning Checklists and Essentials – It’s Yours for Free

Hosting a party can be difficult and exhausting.

But don’t stress out!

Take a look at the ultimate guide to party planning below which has all the party planning checklists and essentials that will make your life easy.

It will make your friends and family think you are a pro, and hey after this pro you will be!




The Ultimate Party Planning I

Infographic from


To be super organized, keep this party planning checklists and essentials handy and set reminders for tasks that need to be done.

Also, share this party planning checklists with your friends and family – spread the love.

If you need more party planning tips and tricks, download our 50 Tips and Tricks For Hosting a Party for FREE that will not only give you helpful tips but also wonderful recipe ideas.

We put this together by researching rich resources from Oprah, Martha Stewart, Redbook and HGTV so you don’t want to miss it.

Our Party Tip #1 of course is – Have FUN!


What are your biggest pain-points when planning a party?


Is sending invitations, making phone calls, tracking text messages and RSVP’s one of them? If yes, then look no further.


Use PurpleSlate mobile app to send mobile invitations for your party. It is free and lets you create event invitations easily while you are on the go. You can get real-time responses from your guests whether they can make it or not. Chat with your guests inside the app and send them tempting pictures of the food and drinks you will be serving. Anyone who misses the party will regret it for sure.  Be sure to share pictures taken during your party as well and make memories for your yourself and your guests. Download this free invitation maker app now! Get ahead of others.


Posted by Liz Dychko on May 1, 2016.


  • A good friend of mine is trying to look into getting a party planning service for flooring rentals. She needs some good tips to make this a simple party to host. It would help her to know that chilling drinks the day before is the best way to make drinks refreshingly cool.

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