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Selfie Is Not a Story, It’s boring.

Selfie Is Not a Story, It’s boring.

‘We’ve lost the art of conversation,’ bemoans PurpleSlate Marketing Guru Jake Wengroff.  ‘People simply don’t know what to talk about anymore – or how to make it interesting.’

Indeed, with so much free, available content around the interwebs, we often don’t feel the need to create our own stories – there are already so many just a few clicks or taps away.

But when we get together with friends, what do people talk about?

We can relate a sequence of facts, but can we make them even more relevant and compelling?

Better yet, can we capture the excitement, joy, wonder, discovery, or other emotions at the time?

Make wonders with your selfie

This is one of the reasons why we created PurpleSlate.  In life’s smaller moments – even meeting for coffee, discussing a funny exchange at the office or taking a selfie, a group selfie or a “groupie” as some have suggested – we should be able to turn these exchanges and interactions into something on which we can reflect later.

In the PurpleSlate app, you can record audio clips or video clips for your events.  You can also take photos – and edit them as you wish – enhance, add stunning effects and frames, draw, add text or cool stickers, and the like using our feature-rich in-app photo editor.  We want our users to fully utilize the media options to help tell the event’s story and add a mood layer.  This will increase your connection to the event and will make it meaningful when you reflect upon it later.

Selfie is so boring, continues Jake.  ‘Instead, do some staging:  add some ‘props’ or relevant objects, and take the photo.  Then, add filters to capture the emotion and message.’

Your inner artist, director, or poet awaits with PurpleSlate, an invitation maker. Let us see what you can create.


Posted by Jake Wengroff on June 4, 2015.

Jake WengroffI have served as the Founding Chairman of the Social Media Strategies Summit, and have written for publications such as and InformationWeek. I have been quoted in Time, Reuters, Bloomberg, and other publications on the topics of social media and marketing. If you enjoyed reading this post, join our email list to get free email updates.

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