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Super Summer Party Ideas for Teens

Super Summer Party Ideas for Teens

The summer is here and it’s time to get in to the party mood. Teenagers love to invite their friends over and enjoy a summer bash, especially as the time to go back to school gets closer. Coming up with summer party ideas isn’t always easy, though. We did our reasearch and come up with some great summer party ideas.


Bring the Beach to Your Home

You may live nowhere near a beach, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great summer party ideas.  You can always bring the beach to your home, and Rockin’ Teen Parties has great ideas for themed parties. Using beach balls, a little sand and seashells will make your guests think they are on the beach. If you can’t afford a large pool, buy several inexpensive kiddie pools and fill them with sand and water – include the sand castle tools and fun water toys and your guests are sure to have a great time.

Think about beach food that you would normally have. Hotdogs, burgers and ice cream are all certainly must haves for this type of party – as well as some great tropical themed drinks.

Keeps the invites simple and use the PurpleSlate free invitation maker, which allows you to create easy and fun themed invitations for your guests.


Have a Karaoke Party

Music is a must at any teen party, so it is worth thinking about when choosing your summer party ideas. Karaoke parties are often great fun, and give friends a chance to get together on the stage and show off their skills. It’s also a way for teenagers to just have a laugh and build their confidence.

You don’t need to hire a professional karaoke DJ for this task. There are plenty of affordable systems from Amazon, and then you have something for a party in the future. If you want to really have fun, introduce your teens to the beach music of the 50′s and 60′s – they will have a great time learning new music.


Have a Throw Back Slumber Party

Slumber parties are one of our favorite summer party ideas,  it gives teenagers a chance to reminisce with each other and build great new memories. While teens always find ways of entertaining themselves, having some fun activities planned will make it all the more fun.

Try creating a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood, or encouraging them to bring their favorite music to take turns being the DJ. Water games are always fun, buy water balloons, squirt guns and create a home made slip and slide.


With teens, food is always important. Try setting up an ice cream Sunday bar, or maybe a taco bar – it is fun, simple and a big hit. Safety is always a key when throwing parties for teens, Livestrong has some great tips on managing the party to keep it all under control.


Teenagers want to have fun during the summer, and having a party is a great way to do that. While you are gathering your fun summer party ideas, don’t forget to use PurpleSlate’s free invitation maker, so that you can continue sharing memories long after the party is over.


Life is better when we get together.

PurpleSlate makes it easy.


Posted by Christina Belmont on June 5, 2016.

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