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Three Great Baby Shower Ideas

Three Great Baby Shower Ideas

People say that the arrival of a baby into a family changes lives forever. So shouldn’t this beautiful bundle of joy be welcomed into our world with a great party?

If you are planning to host a baby shower for your beloved sister, dear cousin or your best friend, we have got some amazing baby shower ideas that will make this day priceless for your ‘soon-to-be-mommy’.


Let’s Theme It Up, Baby!


There is nothing that sells as well as ‘Themes’ in the party planning business. It can turn a regular small time party to a ‘Must Attend’ event in no seconds. So come up with a crazy theme for the special day and invite all your guests through unique theme-based invites.  You can quickly personalize your invite without any hassle on PurpleSlate app.

To get you thinking, here are some interesting themes that work wonders- Ballroom Theme, Jungle Theme, Fairyland Theme, The Queen’s Court Theme, The Vintage era, etc


Where is the party tonight?


Another crucial decision to take when planning a party is the venue. Where majority of people chose the most conventional options like booking party halls, outdoor grounds, restaurants or hotel halls, we suggest doing some out of the box thinking. By choosing an off-beat venue for the baby shower, you are not only letting your loved one know that you have put a lot of thought and effort into making this day special but are also standing-out amongst your guest circle as a creative party-planner. So ditch halls for an old-school underground garage, lake-side garden spot, house terraces, etc.

Book the spots and revamp them to give it a new look. If you really want to walk the extra mile then you can take special permissions and host the baby shower in the assembly hall of the momma’s school or college to make her nostalgic. It would be like a reunion with a baby shower and you can even invite the mother’s old school friends with PurpleSlate invitation app.


It’s not a party, it’s an EXPERIENCE!


It’s time to take this baby to the next level. Let’s see, till now you’ve got a catchy theme and a crazy venue. Now spice up the evening with theme-based decorations and some wild games to ensure you’ve got a hit baby shower.So if your theme is Fairyland, get decorations like cut-outs of castles in the clouds, magic trees, service staff dressed as dames in forts. You can even make beautiful invites on PurpleSlate free invitation maker and tell your entire guest list to dress as fairies.

The best part about investing so much time & energy into the decorations is that you can preserve the memories forever by sharing them on your baby shower group on the PurpleSlate app right on your mobile phones.

Hope these ideas spark the creative genius in you and help you host the best baby shower ever.


Life is better when we get together. PurpleSlate makes it easy. 



Posted by Christina Belmont on August 5, 2015.

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